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Jinan Machinery Co., Ltd.

Jinan Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 2003. Our company is based on glass vacuum lift, suction cups, floor crane, intelligent factory handling equipment and other products, introducing European and American technology and equipment, and is committed to providing customers with integrated design, manufacturing, an intelligent material handling solution integrating installation, training and after-sales.

Our company has independently developed and designed a variety of material handling equipment, including vacuum glass spreaders, glass handling vehicles, plate handling vehicles, mini cranes, etc. Due to stable quality and excellent service, it has been well received by customers and industry peers.

The products of Jinan Machinery Co., Ltd. are widely used in glass industry, plate industry, food industry, metal processing industry, aluminum product industry, wood product industry, plastic industry, logistics packaging industry, etc. The products have passed the EU CE certification and are exported to all over the world.

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