Floor Crane with Counter Weight

EPFC-series powered shop cranes are designed to move loads quickly, easily, and safely. All units are equipped with a 24V DC drive and lift motor for handling heavy-duty jobs. Ergonomic handle features easy-to-operate throttle with infinite adjustment of forward and reverse speeds, lift/lower controls, proprietary safety-enhancing emergency reverse function, as well as a horn. Standard design includes an electromagnetic disc brake with automatic deadman feature that activates whenever the handle is released. The electrical system of each unit consists of two 12V, deep cycle, lead-acid batteries that provide 3-4 hours of operation when fully charged, up to 8 hours if used intermittently, an integral battery charger, and a battery charge gauge. Poly-on-steel wheels are durable and quiet.

Model TypeEPFC-CB15
Horizontal Reach (Extended 2 stages)1220+610+610mm
Load Capacity700kg (1220mm)
Load Capacity (Stage 1)400kg (1220~1830mm)
Load Capacity (Stage 2)200kg(1830~2440mm)
Max Lifting Height3350mm
Min Lifting Height1190mm
Retracted size (L*W*H)2595*760*1580mm
Net weight770kg
Arm Electric Rotation/


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