Mini Vacuum Glass Lifter

Mini Vacuum Glass Lifter

GL-LD-200 glass suction cups lifter is a miniature device with a small and compact structure. The load is equipped with a wireless remote control for easy operation.

GL-LD-200 glass suction cups lifter, load 100KG-200KG, electric horizontal and vertical turning glass 90 degrees, standard manual left and right side turning glass 90 degrees and 360 degree rotating glass, also can be equipped with electric left and right turning and 360 degrees degree rotation. You can also use it to move and install other materials, such as steel plates, plywood, sandwich panels, marble panels, etc. It has a wide range of uses, saves labor and improves work efficiency.

Specification list:

Model No.
Max. Load capacity KG200
Safe Load capacityKG100
Max.lift height mm2750
Rubber suction cupsmm250/4pcs
Battery chargerV/A8/24
Drive motor V/W24/750
Lift motor V/W24/1500
Chassis size L*Wmm2350*620
Front wheel size mm300*80
Driving wheelmm210*70
Weight KG800
Standard movements/1. Boom extends electrically
2. Boom lift up down electrically
3. Lateral shift electrically
4. Pad frame flip horizontal/vertical electrically
5. Pad frame tilt left/right sides manually (optional with electrical tilt)
6. Pad frame rotate manually (optional with electrical rotate)


1. U.S. imported silica gel raw material suction cups, good adsorption, anti-aging

2. American Thomas vacuum system design, safe and efficient

3. High-power pole design, strong thrust, easy to turn over

4. Japanese Panasonic vacuum sensor, with automatic start and stop function, sensitive response and stable performance

5. Equipped with a vacuum accumulator, the pressure holding time is long and the use is safer

6. Two 12V20Ah large-capacity batteries, sufficient power

7. 24V charger with intelligent repair function

8. Each suction cup has a vacuum control valve, which can be controlled individually and is easy to maintain

9. The position of the suction cup is adjustable to adapt to different sizes of glass

10. Radio remote control operation, easy to use and safe

11. The suction cup holder can be extended (H type)

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